Eyetracking Lab

The eyetracking lab is in room B21d, 7GS. This page is a repository of useful information specific to this eyetracking lab; if you are a lab user, please feel free to add information! For general resources on speech research, please see our resources page.

Booking Facilities

Eyetracking Lab

To book the lab, you will need access to the booking system (ask Martin if you need access). Please make sure that any booking includes your name, your contact number, and a brief description of what you are doing (e.g., "testing", or "designing experiment"). If you have the lab booked and don't need it, please remove your booking: if you don't, you are stopping other people doing research!

Appleton Tower Recording Studio

Make bookings online by following this link (EASE login required). Note that bookings are provisional until confirmed.

Useful Info, Gotchas, etc.

Eyetracking Experiments

Sound Files

NB. Experiment Builder on the Eyelink display computer is known to run with 48KHz, 1-channel, 16-bit, signed, .wav files. It is know not to run with 32-bit samples. To convert a .wav file to the appropriate format you can use

sox <input_file> -r 48000 -c 1 -b 16 -e signed <output_file>

See the resources page for a link to SoX.

Using OpenSesame Portable on Windows XP

to run OpenSesame Portable (which includes EyeLink functions) on WinXP you probably need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package: See here for details and links. This package has been installed on the WinXP display machine in S17c, so OpenSesame Portable should "just work".

Data Analysis

When exporting data for analysis, remember to copy the whole experiment folder rather than individual participants' data folders, unless you know what you're doing. Information necessary for analysis (such as region information) is part of the experiment definition, rather than the results. (Making a zipped copy of the folder can help with portability.)

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