Posters, Handouts etc.

This page contains selected posters and handouts from recent talks at EDG and elsewhere. Please note that these are provided for information only. If you want to cite something you find here, please see our published output or contact us directly.


Edinburgh Care Group Meeting, Edinburgh (April 2012)

Scottish Special Interest Group in Disorders of Fluency, Dundee (June 2011)

Birmingham University (February 2011)

Leeds University (October 2010)

from the 2nd. European Symposium on Fluency Disorders (Antwerp, 23rd-24th April 2010)

from the Sixth International Fluency Association World Congress 2009 (Rio, 6-8th August 2009)

from the Perth SIG meeting (27th March 2009)

from EDG meetings


Presented at AMLAP, Barcelona (7th-9th September 2009)

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