Reading Strategies of People Who Stammer

July 2011 - Ongoing

We are currently looking for people who stammer (or stutter) to take part in an investigation into eye movements during reading.
In return for participation we will pay £10, and we can contribute towards travel expenses.

Do you have a stammer, and are you interested in helping researchers understand more about stammering and how it might be related to other language difficulties? The Edinburgh Disfluency Group have joined forces with researchers into reading behaviour to design an important study investigating the reading behaviours of different groups of people.

The study involves silently reading a number of sentences and answering simple questions about them, while having your eye movements measured. There is also a short video session, during which we will ask you to read aloud a short passage and to engage in conversation, so that we can learn more about the way you speak. You will be asked to provide some background details about your stammer.

Please note that recordings and data collected will never be associated with your name. They will be used solely for the experiment and will be destroyed when the experiment is complete, unless you explicitly permit us to keep them once you have been through the experiment.

To ensure that our study is valid, we're asking that you check that you meet the following criteria before volunteering:

  • English is your native language;
  • English is the language you habitually speak;
  • Your vision is normal, or corrected-to-normal using glasses or contacts.

We are very flexible in terms of time and can run the experiment at weekends and in the evenings to accommodate work, childcare, or other commitments. The experiment is expected to last 1-1.5 hours in total.

The experiment will take place in the Psychology Building, University of Edinburgh, 7 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JZ. 7 George Square is a 10 minute walk from Waverley Station or a 12 minute Walk from St Andrew Square Bus Station (we're happy to provide directions or maps if you need them).

We are also looking for normally fluent participants who are similar to our stammering participants, so if you know anyone of a similar age and background to yourself (ie. friend/family member) please invite them to get in contact, or mention it when speaking to us, and we can make provision for this.

The study is being run by Sam Miller (an MSc Student) and Madeleine Beveridge (a PhD student) from The University of Edinburgh Psychology Department.

For further information or to book a time slot please contact:||gniremmats

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